During the Sith Wars, the Sith Masters and Lords recruited Bountyhunters, Mandalorians and troopers. This is the story of one. The story of a barely force influenced individual...The story of Rerex or better known as "Rexx" the leader of the Mist Makers. The Elite Sith commandos....

Rerex checked his HUD within his mandalorian helmet. He reached down and picked up his DQ-15 Blaster Rifle. He said through his helmet comm system "Two Republic guards on the left side. 3 on the right. And on the walls are 6 snipers and 4 machine gunners."

He heard a static through the speakers then a voice was heard "Roger that Captain. Wait....a gunship is coming to land at the base! Its a trap!"

Rexx was startled. The Jedi and Republic shouldn't know about them coming!. This is a disaster. He had to do somthing...fast. "Firn, regroup now! Get Scorn and Dev, Ill contact the others."

Static and feedback came in. "Yes...." static "...Sir...." after that it was just a bunch of grumbles and mumbling.

"No! They're cutting into our...." Rexx was cut short by the sound of loading and clicking behind him. Rexx turned slowly around. A squad of armoured grey and blue uniformed republic soldiers stood there. One was dressed in officers clothes. All of them had pointed blaster rifles and blasters straight at Rerex.

Rexx jumped up with his gun aimed. Then the officer smiled "I wouldn't do that, if I were you." Rexx slowly lowered his rifle and tossed it to the ground. He raised his hands in submission. His face was expressionless underneath his helmet. He saw a flicker of dark clothing through the trees. He said to the officer "....But...You aren't me..."

He reached down and swept up a stun bang grenade. He threw it at the ground and dove behind a boulder. He immediately got up with blaster in hand. Most of the republic troopers were blinded and had their hands on their eyes. Some of them though were not affected and started firing on Rex and another figure without a helmet. The other figure wore a jet black jumpsuit. Rexx shot two guards down and continued on the third.

The last 4 shot their last shots then ran into the forest. Rexx shot 3 last shots after them then turned to the other man. "Firn, good timing. I thought I was going down." Rerex took off his helmet.

Firn just looked at him with a raised eyebrow "They snuck on you. You should have been more careful."

Rex replied "I know I know...I was too concentrated on the guards on the outpost."

Just then Scorn and Dev walked through the woods toward them. Scorn held his sniper rifle by his side. They were armoured just like Rexx, there T shaped helmet gleamed in the sunlight. "I ran into some....trouble." Scorch offered as an explanation.

Rexx shook his head. "We better get back to camp. Mist Makers head out!" All of them walked through the woods back to camp. When they arrived 2 humans and 3 aliens were there. Two of the aliens were Twi'leks and One was a Rodian.

One of the Twi'leks hissed "We retreated from our positions, sir. The Jedi found us."
Scorch was second in command. He just looked up at the Twi'lek. Rexx waved off the comment "Well done. We are going to try again. And destroy that outpost"

After that they all packed up and Dev took first watch. Deep into the night.....

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